A Little About Us

PezeshkKala is a member of the Manufacturers and Exporters of Medical, Dental, Laboratory, and Pharmaceutical Equipment and Supplies-Manufacturers and Exporters Association of Iran. It was founded in 2007, with several headquarters in Tehran and Isfahan, Iran. PezeshkKala has various sections such as direct supply stores, commercial offices, and online shops. The group focus on both domestic and international activities. However, PezeshkKala’s online sales system services are available only to Iranian customers.

PezeshkKala’s online store has several certifications, such as E-Namad. All products are shipped nationwide after ordering online (if the customer requests, immediate delivery will be done). PezeshKala’s online store has a wide range of medical, dental, and laboratory devices. Products sales are both retail and wholesale. Most of the customers of the Group are the medical devices stores, drugstores, hospitals, and medical centers. The close relationship with the customers is one of the most important features of PezeshkKala. Also, the team provides consulting services; For example, the customers may need a product, but they have no idea about its details or the best brands available. PezeshkKala has various mechanisms for faster communication with its customers to provide better services.



Dental Supplies

PezeshkKala is one of Iran’s online shops representing a wide range of new dental supplies that solve oral care problems.


Laboratory Equipment

PezeshkKala has the most comprehensive range of laboratory supplies, devices, and services.


Medical Devices

Medical devices are an essential component of health systems. The advantages provided by these devices are critical for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illnesses and diseases.

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