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:Nasr Teb Office, located in Tehran

One of the most important tasks of the office in Tehran is to distribute medical equipment to pharmacies, healthcare facilities and medical equipment stores in Tehran. In addition, customers who live in Tehran and make purchases from the Pezeshkkala online store, can follow their orders through this office

:Nasr Teb Office, located in Isfahan

Nasr Teb store, which was established almost 20 years ago, in 2001, is located in one of the best commercial zones in Isfahan, which covers an area of 223.5 square meters, including 6 stores, 4 warehouses, and a technical office for retail and distribution of medical equipment in Isfahan


:Social media and website

Pezeshkkal’s website, with its e-namad (symbol of electronic trust) and 13 years of experience, beside the active Instagram page, has made it possible for people all over the country and colleagues who are working in medical equipment stores and pharmacies to be able to have daily and regular access to the medical products and equipment they need. They can make wholesale and retail purchases from different Pezeshkkala branches

Pezeshkkala has a large number of online customers dedicated to medical equipment stores, pharmacies, and healthcare facilities, which are mainly located in small cities of the country and do not have access to adequate supply sources


Phone number and Whats app: +98 913 126 7674

Email address:


 ۱st Golestan alley, South Adl St, 22 bahman St, Bagh-e-feyz Quarter, Ashrafi Esfahan Hwy, Tehran, Iran

NasrTeb Store, Charbaq Bala St, Azadi square, Isfahan, Iran

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